Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I really really really need.....

I found myself drawn to blazers whilst out shopping a few days ago. I tried on the blazers shown above but loved them all and didn't make a purchase. Although I did find the cutest cape in a thrift shop - I will post a shot once I have worn it.

The white blazer with black spots is from Miss Selfridge. The black and pinkish blazers are from Top Shop. The black sequin from Zara.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Down Town!!

Stole an extra day off today - well did work till midnight last night... So, what to do. Naturally after watching the Australian Open Final - I went shopping with my bf! Although, the pics show my original outfit I added a Top Shop cape and gloves as it was so cold. I am coveting lots of items at the moment but only bought myself some earrings from Top Shop. Top and Jeans are Zara, Scarf (as belt) and shoes from H and M and jacket is Miss Selfridge. Bracelet is handmade - as present from my Aunt. Hat a present from my Mum (not sure where she got it from).

I will post a list of must haves shortly....

Friday, 29 January 2010

Too much pudding....

These shots were taken before a close friend took me and my bf out for a lovely meal at Prezzo - they do the best sticky toffee pudding ever - I felt so sick but in a good way!!!

I dressed in anticipation of eating well - so shirt and jeans from H and M, blazer is Top Shop and ballet pumps from Top Shop too - I love ballet pumps - I need more of them. Also wearing my favourite necklace from Jesophi - a gorgeous little cupcake....

And a special guest appearance from my biggest and badest cat Djoko... looking rather alarmed and embarrassed about being on camera!!!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Obsession continues

I have just placed an order with the wonderful Jesophi.... can't wait for these items to arrive.

I need a new bag!!!!

I have been searching the Miss Selfridge website for a new bag - I cannot make up my mind..... Any suggestions welcome. I am also developing an obsession with bows!!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Lovely and Lacey

My first outfit post. I'm sure I can and will do better. Hope you like it.... The sweatshirt was new today, so couldn't resist trying it in an outfit.

I'm wearing a Top Shop sweater, cut down (very old) Top Shop jeans, Miss Selfridge tights, H&M shoes, vintage blazer and a hat from Warehouse (about 4 years old)..... necklace is a gift from a lovely family friend. It is a vintage gold penny...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I Heart Topshop

What do you think of these beauty's?? I am loving the new Spring 10 range......

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fashion Bananas

Fashion Bananas' blogger Delmy is the epitome of everyday style. Her vulnerability and inspirational statements - not to mention her awesome shoe collection make her the perfect style icon for the every day girl but she successfully integrates an edginess. Delmy is really anything but every day because her personality really stands out and I found myself wanting to log into every day to make sure she was happy!!! And to check what colour eyeshadow she would be wearing!!

Have it, wear it, love it

This is such a great line from one of my favourite Etsy Shops: Jesophi. I love Etsy soooo much, their philosophy and the wonder and care and pride that all the sellers display. There are soo many stunning items for sale, I find new shops each day, but i would like to start posting a few of my very favs. Enjoy and go and check them out!!

Jesophi creates such lovely, original, beautiful jewellery - her attention to detail is great and her creativity never ceases. I bought a cupcake necklace and the quality of the service I received was incredibly impressive. Thank you Jesophi - the only problem I have is deciding what to buy!!! I have my eye on the Hugh Bow (third photo).

Check out Jesophi's other website:


What Katie Wore

The most romantic blog out there as I tuned in every day to see What Joe Wrote about What Katie Wore! Katie likes to stand out from the crowd - far, far out!!! Her amazing sense of style wowed me and made me wish I was this confident. Her attention to unique details, shoes, accessories and bags is wonderful. A classic British blog - full of life, humour and wine!!!