Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Have it, wear it, love it

This is such a great line from one of my favourite Etsy Shops: Jesophi. I love Etsy soooo much, their philosophy and the wonder and care and pride that all the sellers display. There are soo many stunning items for sale, I find new shops each day, but i would like to start posting a few of my very favs. Enjoy and go and check them out!!

Jesophi creates such lovely, original, beautiful jewellery - her attention to detail is great and her creativity never ceases. I bought a cupcake necklace and the quality of the service I received was incredibly impressive. Thank you Jesophi - the only problem I have is deciding what to buy!!! I have my eye on the Hugh Bow (third photo).

Check out Jesophi's other website:


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